April 2020
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Episode 045 Part 2, Electric Boogaloo or Plaise The lord

The show that almost wasn’t. We thought software failure, THANKS ADOBE!, had lost this section of the show forever. WE WAS WRONG Y’ALL!! It was recovered, so enjoy Das, Ryan, and occasionally Wickid discussing the perils of going pro in the blading world.

Watch the madness happen


Ryan Timms websitefacebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | vimeo

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2 comments to Episode 045 Part 2, Electric Boogaloo or Plaise The lord

  • Say what you will

    I had never heard of Ryan Timms until I stumbled across this podcast. Blading should be about superstars and they should be paid as such. Stop giving bladers like Timms products, that could otherwise be sold and some of the money go to the really good riders. Looking at Timms on Vimeo, he has zero superstar credibility, he is just the local good skater.

    • Das Troofen

      So what you’re saying is that he just seems like the local homie that got hooked up and shouldn’t have received anything? You do realize he was flow and not pro or am right? Based on your comment it seems like you’re inferring that he has no credibility but looking through his ancient youtube, vimeo, and edits he’s put out he has a draw and an audience of some sort that a company could easily tap into. I’m not saying he’s the best or defending a friend to defend a friend, but “zero superstar credibility” is beyond subjective which I understand. On the other hand as well, you don’t get superstar credibility it’s built by being pushed by established brands, persons, and outlets.

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